APPLAUSE, Kudo's, Thank You's and general nice things people have said about us......and some awards


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Stephanie...."Love your work"


Dianna...."You are our family photographer, we will not go to anyone else, your so talented we love your work"


Jenny..."Sandra's talent is only exceeded by her generosity of heart and spirit. Honestly, she's the real deal."


Suzy... "Sandra Cortez is such a joy to work with.  You will never find a kinder, more humble artist, open to all ideas and able to capture the beauty in every moment.  Her work is breathtaking and alive, and captures the spirit and energy of the moment as well as her gorgeous aesthetic composition.  My only hesitation in giving her the glowing recommendation she deserves is concern that it will be harder to book time with her once the secret is out! " Suzy  Miller



Zach..."Sandra helped with the sales of my Hip-Clips” online with her crafty photos. She is very professional to work with and knows her art-form intrinsically. I was not surprised to find that she has a skilled artistic background evident by the high-level paintings and drawings displayed in her studio. You get a package deal with Sandra because she is versed in many art forms so this all goes into her photos. She is also studying and learning the current forms of computer manipulation and has produced amazing theatre posters using photo-shop and other programs I’m sure.  I don’t know too much about what she does with her camera but i do know the results are amazing! I look forward to working more with Sandra and learning what makes a great photo great! ;] "                             Zach Wasil

Mitzi..." make a place that I just want to go to"
Kathi..." So very glad we came to you what a great experience. Thank you for letting my children feel as beautiful as they really are.