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Senior Sessions start at $125 if we stay in Nipomo

                              and $200 for other local locations

Your Senior Photo shoot begins with...


     Once you have booked your session and signed the contract/image release form. We will email you a questionnaire, I want your session to be special and unique.  This is your chance to tell me what you have always wanted in a portrait. We will email share pictures and talk style.  If you plan to trim, color or try a new hair style we recommend doing that at least one week in advance.  If you enjoy manicure neutral colors are best unless that's just not you.  Girls eyebrows at least 3 days prior to shoot.

The Photoshoot

     Everyone starts out a little nervous but soon we will be laughing and having fun.  Everyones photoshoot is different because it is styled around you and what you want.  We shoot only one Senior per day so there is no limit to time changes of clothes and props. (*except limitations put on us for your yearbook photo submission) when in doubt bring more personal consultation on clothing is always recommended.   However it is my  belief that if you feel good you usually look good too.   After shooting outdoors preferably the hour before sunset. You have the option of shooting in our studio.  Studio shoots are wonderful for fantasy, sports and portraits light can be controlled, it's a whole other kind of fun.

* Unlimited Outfits      

*Multiple Outdoor Locations (we will shoot as long as we have light) Preferred late afternoon to dusk

*Studio Option 

*Props highly encouraged

*At the end of our shooting day you will book your preview session



 We will book your review of the best 20 to 30 photos from your shoot 5 to 10 days after your shoot. The Review day we will meet and you will see and choose your portraits.  We have examples of the many types of prints you can order and we are here to help you find what fits your needs and budget.  What ever you choose we want you to be thrilled.  Next we process payment. We then retouch your photos and 7 to 14 later you pick up your prints.

*Facebook preview

*Personal Ordering Session: About 10 days after your shoot, we meet and you see the best 20 to 30 photos from your session. 


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