You will need to make a booking appointment.   We do not take walk in's and sometimes are booked weeks in advance, so please book early.


Senior Sessions

Senior Sessions are $120 if we stay in Nipomo .  One retouched photo will be sent to your 

school for the yearbook.

Your Senior Photo shoot begins with...


     Once you have booked your session we will either have an in person meeting or over the phone.  We will discuss what you want, your likes, colors make-up, wardrobe, props and answer all of your questions.  I will ask that you participate in our email questioner to help me do the best job for you.  Time, date and place are chosen.

       Payment is necessary prior to your photo appointment, along with a signed agreement so everything you are getting you will have in writing and model release form so we can legally send your portrait to the school.  We will give you our Menu of services and print prices and options.

The Photoshoot

     You have already chosen your location, outdoor or studio.  We meet at the designated time and place.              Everyone starts out a little nervous but soon we will be laughing and having fun.  Everyones photoshoot is different because it is styled around you and what you want.  We shoot only one Senior per day so, so all the attention is on you. You choose how many changes of clothes and props you want. (*except limitations put on us for your yearbook photo submission) when in doubt bring more, or call me for a personal consultation on clothing is always recommended.   However it is my belief that if you feel good you usually look good too. Outdoor shoots, (beach, park or even back yard) are done preferably the hour before sunset. You also have the option of shooting in our studio.  Studio shoots are wonderful for fantasy, sports and portraits light can be controlled, it's a whole other kind of fun.

* Unlimited Outfits      

* Outdoor Locations (we will shoot as long as we have light) Preferred late afternoon to dusk

*Studio Option 

*Props highly encouraged

*At the end of our shooting day you will book your preview session

*On-Line Gallery



 We will book your review of the best 20 to 30 photos from your shoot 5 to 10 days after your shoot. The Review day we will meet and you will see and choose your portraits.  We have examples of the many types of prints you can order and we are here to help you find what fits your needs and budget.  What ever you choose we want you to be thrilled.   We then retouch your photos and 7 to 14 later you pick up your prints.

*Facebook preview (if requested)

*Personal Ordering Session: About 10 days after your shoot, we meet and you see the best 20 to 30 photos from your session. 

*On line gallery so you can really take your time and look over your images.

(the above is the average time frame and average pictures viewed)



Children's Sessions start at $120.  as always I try to always only have one photo shoot per day.

Your session includes one 8 x 10 print and two 5 x 7 prints of one pose.   


When possible I like to meet parents or grandparents prior to our session to learn more about what you want.  If meeting is not possible we will make a phone appointment.  Work out outfits that may work better than others.  We discuss what outfits you have and what props will be fun for your session.  If we can't meet in person we can do this over email or a phone call.


If you want your child portraits done outside we shoot about an hour and a half prior to dusk.  If you going for an indoor shoot we can do any time.  Because we only do one family shoot or session per day, we have as much time as you want to change clothes, props and positions.


About 10 days after your session we will meet you will see the photos taken one or two may be edited.  We will help you find what suits your needs and wall space.


For Central Coast location family shoots the price varies by the number of people in your family. Session only fees for a family of 4 on location (beach, backyard, etc) is $180.  Groups of 10 or more is $260. This includes, one 8 x 10 and 2@ 5 x 7 of one pose


Family Fantasy or period piece is one of my favorites. It does take more planning but it is a one of a kind piece of Art that will be hanging in your house for many years and be a treasure few others have. Fantasy/Art starts at $285 which includes consult, and $100 print credit toward purchase of you image.  We will discuss your ideas, background, and just have fun with it. I create my vision is post production, you will be presented with between one to four poses to choose from.


One of my personal favorites.  Boudoir start at $160.  Usually this is not a long session, we do the standard pre session consultation before your session. As always we discuss your hopes and needs.  We will go over hair, make up and costume.  This is a closed session one friend is encouraged. 



I have to say I love weddings, the romance, the love, the gathering of friends and family to share in the joyous day. Weddings are wonderful, however I ALWAYS advise both friends and clients to please shop around.  The cake is eaten, the flowers wilt, the dress will be packed away but your images will be in your home, your family and perhaps your children's homes a lasting reminder of what love is. Because of this picking your Wedding Photographer is a big decision, far greater than the price differences between photographers. That being said I know we all must work within a budget, so here are my package pricing. They can be changed they are simply guidelines for comparison. Call, lets talk, see if you like my work and if you think I get your style and desires.

THE INTIMATE WEDDING: $790 This includes 4 hours of coverage one photographer (two cameras) 50 digital images of your                                                       choice on disk or custom flash drive (can be printed anywhere) and online gallery

THE LOVERS PACKAGE:   $1100 This includes 6 hours of coverage, one photographer (two cameras) 100 digital images of your choice ( can be printed anywhere although we do recommend a professional printer) and online gallery and Live Portrait with 12 key cards.

THE ULTIMATE PACKAGE: $2200 This includes 8 hours coverage by one photographer and a second photographer for 4 hours                                                      200 digital images of your choice on disk or custom flash drive, $200 print or album credit, and Live Portrait with 24 Key Images (live portrait is photos that can be viewed online from any phone or ipad with the key photo with the Live Portrait app.)